$997.00 USD

One-on-One Coaching Program

Are you feeling the weight of juggling BOTH home and work life? You don't have to navigate this overwhelming journey alone.

Take a step (or leap) towards reclaiming your harmony and joy with this exclusive One-on-One Coaching Program, designed just for you!

What's in store for you:

  • One-month of focused attention - We'll engage in 60-minute calls, each dedicated to your unique circumstances and skills we can improve and accelerate on!
  • Tailored solutions for your unique challenges - No two women are the same, and neither are their circumstances!
  • Uplifting encouragement - We all need a cheerleader on our side and someone to say "You CAN do this!"

Booking is easy!

  1. Purchase the One-on-One Coaching Program.
  2. Receive a confirmation email with a link to conveniently schedule your one-on-one calls with Rebekah.
  3. Prepare to receive simple actionable steps towards a more harmonious joy-giving life!

We got this! 

What People Are Saying:

Before Bekah’s coaching I used to look at the mountain of tasks in front of me, or the goals I wanted to reach and what was needed to get there, and crumble with anxiety. I just didn't know how I was going to accomplish it all. After Bekah’s coaching, I now focus on just the first step needed to start instead of getting lost in everything that needs to be done. I cannot recommend Bekah enough! Her personalized approach to everyone in her program makes you feel supported and seen. She's not giving anyone a “one size fits all” approach. Her enthusiasm to tackle any problem, dilemma, frustration in your personal life and business always made me feel so well taken care of.

Megan S.

Bekah's coaching is filled with encouragement and affirmation, to build someone up rather than tearing down. She pulls directly from her experience to relate with those she coaches. She is open and authentic about her struggles, mistakes, and what she would have done differently, as well as what she learned through building her many businesses and raising her family. It is her humility that speaks volumes and draws women in. It takes a lot to make changes in our personal and professional lives, because we have ingrained habits and systems. Rebekah’s energy and investment in each person she coaches helps break away from old habits to form new, healthier ones with her positivity, encouragement, and prayers. Coaching does not need to be absent of faith, fun, or personalization and Rebekah proves just that as she stretches, encourages, and holds women across all walks of life accountable for change for measurably successful coaching.

Ellie S.

I love Bekah's approach to life! Most people who offer coaching hone in on one aspect of life as if we are segmented humans. Bekah really embraces all of the roles you carry and how they intertwine to create the life you live. She has a Christ centered approach to all of her systems and values that there is not a one size fits all approach but rather helps you explore what may work best for you in YOUR life and business!

Cassie B.

I feel encouraged and empowered after being coached by Rebekah! Her wisdom was the boost I needed to confidently change my mindset that it is possible to successfully raise my family and run my businesses!

Kendra P.

Bekah meets you wherever you are. If you are ready for big bold changes, she is ready to race. If you are ready to 1% a gradual change, she will encourage each and every step to progress. This program is all about supporting changes that you want to make. Bekah will provide suggestions, brainstorming, and processes that she herself has used to calm the chaos. Before Bekah makes any recommendations, she listens to you describe where you are and where you want to be. Because she knows that she is not perfect, she doesn’t expect you to be perfect. No judgement, no disappointment. Just an offer to help you try again. No one is more excited for your successes than Bekah. Even when I choose to go after the low-hanging fruit, she happy dances at my progress.

Kay P.

I love Bekah’s approach to harmonizing your work and home life. She offers grace and permission to give what you can give, in whatever season of your life you’re in. No matter if that’s 1% or 80%, she encourages you to take that as a win. Bekah encourages going at your speed, while still making progress. She will always hold you accountable and help you with practical steps to reach your goals. Getting to work with Bekah will always leave you motivated and in love with your life.

Tiff H.