How I Incorporate Faith in My Roles

I am dedicating this episode to sharing some insights into how I incorporate my faith into various aspects of my life.

Faith has always been a cornerstone for me, and it's a journey of continuous growth and learning. I'm excited to share with you how I live out my faith daily and how it has shaped me over the years.


  • Each morning, I start my day with gratitude. Before my feet hit the floor, I express 5 things I'm thankful for.
  • Then I exercise, followed by a moment of reflection and prayer in front of a cherish picture of Jesus.
  • I pray with my family before they leave for the day, a tradition passed down from my grandmother.
  • Throughout the day, I strive to maintain a sense of gratitude, even before turning on the radio or podcasts during car rides.
  • In my interactions with others, I invite Christ's presence, seeking a deeper understanding of people's journeys.


  • My spouse and I turn to prayer when we face challenges or disagreements.
  • We pray together at night, discuss our faith, and actively engage with our church's youth group.
  • We prioritize tithing and giving to others, reinforcing the importance of stewardship.


  • We maintain a consistent routine of morning and mealtime prayers.
  • We ask our children to pray during meals, emphasizing that God never fails them.
  • We encourage our children to acknowledge their failures, reminding them of God's unwavering support.
  • Before bedtime, we engage in a family prayer, often with our children taking the lead.
  • We have individual meetings with our children to discuss guidelines, expectations and areas for improvement.


  • I pray for guidance and strength before entering the studio or making important decisions in my business.
  • My company holds staff meetings that begin and end with prayer.
  • I openly discuss my faith with potential employees during the hiring process.
  • My studio features signs, Bible verses and crosses.
  • I incorporate faith discussions into my podcast interviews and share my journey with audiences.
  • We engage our community with Sunday prayer requests, which I keep in a notebook for my sewing time.
  • I pray for the recipients of my custom orders and with blessings upon their lives.

My mission aligns with my statement of faith - that people would feel a renewed sense of joy of that they, too, want to accomplish!

In my friendships, I'm open to discussing faith but respect diverse beliefs and backgrounds. I strive to embody the light and energy that comes from my faith.

I hope these insights give you some practical ideas for incorporating faith into your life. My goal is for people to see the light of Jesus in me, realizing that it's not my humanness but God's greatness that shines through!

Helpful Links:

  • One of my favorite faith-based authors is John Eldredge. I linked two of his books here and can't recommend them highly enough!